Tips To Find The Best Speakers For Your Car

Tips To Find The Best Speakers For Your Car

Entertainment while driving will relax your mind abundantly. It is the fact that the manufacturers just equipped a cheap speaker attached to the car you buy with quite a bad standard unless you upgrade your car speaker to a higher level with best car 6×9 speakers. Not only is it a way the car producers decrease their activity cost but also they take much money from the buyers as much as possible.

A good sound range will be useful for your car in far distance driving. Most of the time, the upgraded modern you chose taking a lot of money with as quality sound system as the one you set by yourself at a half price. Speakers are the most important elements of any sound systems and sorting a good one may be not an easy job.

So, let’s list some tips to support you find out the best speakers for your worthy car.

Listing all the suitable speakers

The speakers are sorted by to frequency sound range they play, so to manufacture a speaker with full truly performing sound ability seems so difficult.

Examples: high sound to bass sound

  • Tweeter : called treble – the sound as high as steel sound
  • Mid-range : middle speaker
  • Woofer: bass speaker with low sound
  • Sub-woofer: super deep sound – it is the heavy speaker with a big tale and it has to be enclosed a tight box.

The space in car is always quite narrow so that the manufacturers usually create the speakers having played all high-middle-deep sound in one but, in fact, they are two or three separate speakers combined together:

  • Coaxial or 2-way speaker: including one treble attaches one middle or bass speaker
  • Trixie or 3-way speaker: including one treble, one middle and one deep speaker.

Normally, combining sound system from many kinds of high-mid-low speakers together brings the better sound than the separating ones but a huge quality investment is still required. Some brands design and buy their products as above functions called component systems.

Replacing the old speaker

This is an important and the first step you need to do when you have demanded to buy a new speaker to replace the old one.

To bring a premium quality requires a suitable correlation between the new speakers to the old one’s system.

Other problems you should notice for buying the speakers involve magnet structure, frequency because they affect directly to the quality of the speaker kind you seeking.

Listing these speakers are fit to your car, high quality, and suitable to your finance condition, then finding out detail technique parameters of each speaker, taking general vision, and giving the last decision.

The quality of wire using in speaker need be attended besides the quality of speaker too. A wire speaker with a good guaranty still reaches a more endurance in the harsh weather on every distance.

Clearly seeking a trusted source through consumer’s comments

Listening to the people used the equipment that you choose is the good way to narrow down the sphere and gradually reject the choices to receive the last choice.

Many ways can be shown such as references in a stereo store, consultant’s helping, references in websites, or the comments of using people… and conclude the last choice for your own.

However, some customers give a high estimate for a famous brand in the market when they are suggested listening many kinds of speakers in the same price. While listening and comparing, they show a lot of particularly strong points of a famous speaker like what the seller said when they consult to their customers. But, when they are suggested again in “blind test” (the listeners do not know the music they are listening being played in which devices), they begin comment in caution and carefulness. The result may be converse, the best speaker they like can be another one which they do not choose before.

We can be negative the brand, the manufacturer have established for a long time and involve directly to their products. But, almost huge brands in hi-end audio produce the product specializing for a car or they invest in the middle level. Even, some of the brands just produce a sound system for a car in high appreciation, sometimes, many goods are not really excellent when comparing to the quality and the price of their products.

You should consider clearly choosing the best speakers for you.

Testing the quality of the speaker

After deciding a good speaker you like, testing them is so important to step. Finding and consulting all information are just relative, directly hearing helps you to give the best right and objective decisions.

It always exist a testing room for everyone tested the speaker they choose. You take a little time to try the list speakers before you give your last comment.

The max frequency

After making clear all parameters, you should care about the speaker’s max frequency. If you want a big sound system, the speaker has to handle the frequency of the filter set or the expand set distribute. That’s why many people still choose filter set before choosing a speaker.

If you do not still take a filter at all, it can be easier for you to take a random speaker first and then get a filter suiting to it.

You also attend to the max frequency a speaker has to handle instead of attention to the highest frequency of it.

The sensation of a speaker

To find out the best sensation, you have to know the control head or expand set playing in which frequency. It depends on the frequency and decides the quality of the pure sound you hear.

In contrary, the lower sensation needs an amplifier outside with high frequency to support.

Comparing to the speaker you are using

When you find a wonderful speaker and ready to replace the old one, checking and testing again to sure that the new range has better quality sound than the old range to bring you a new excellent experience while driving.

In short, all tips above bring some experiences for you to find out the best speaker for your car. Maybe it is not full enough but it can give you more sources to consider before deciding to buy a good one into your modern moveable music room and relaxing.

I am Leroy Simmons. I love music and certainly I have a suitable bass speaker in my car to enjoy my fun of playing sound while driving.

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