Tips For Hanging Up A Hammock

When enjoying the hammock also includes the search for the appropriate spot. This should give enough space. What is often forgotten during installation: The bed even more comfortable if it is cute by hanging a hammock.

Possible mounting variations:

Hammock between two trees

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The most traditional suspension of a hammock between two trees. The larger the bed, the further should be the distance between the two trees, but at least three meters. Also, the tree must be robust enough to hold the body weight. To detect a hammock to confirm between two trees, one has two ropes, which are placed around the tree, and are connected to the bed. The trees have a significant distance from each other. The ropes must be hung higher so that the hammock can sag well.

Hammock between two walls

To install a bed indoors or terraces are concrete or gypsum walls suitable. For attachment to the wall, there is at first applied a wall hook, which is connected with a rope with the hammock. For older homes, where the walls are no longer so stable, there are special hooks. This weight distribution to multiple drill holes and thereby relieve the wall.

Hammock on the ceiling

Particularly in large rooms with flat surface provides it to itself, to bring the hooks on the roof instead of the wall. Also, beams are suitable. These variations can also be combined with each other to confirm inside or outside a hammock. Upon discovering the right spot for your hammock, there are no limits put to your imagination!

Needed space

Have you found your favorite spot for the hammock, you will investigate whether the available space is also large enough for your bed.

The constant distance between the two suspension points and the required height of the suspension points allow themselves to calculate with this simple formula simple: the suspension height (y) must be approximately one-half of the suspension distance (x). One is looking for a place with more distance between the suspension points, is to be thought of, to affix the hammock higher. Remember: With each additional meters from the suspension arrangements must be about 50 cm higher.

Opinion: Seems your hammock for the desired place too short, you can extend the bed at will on both sides with a rope. To the overview: Fixing sets for hammocks


Hang the hammock now finally in place. One should also make sure that it helpful by hanging. If the hammock in the unloaded condition, the shape of a banana, he hangs ideal: there is nothing in the way of the ultimate hammock enjoyment.

Opinion: Is your hammock too short, you can extend both ends by a rope until he hangs and takes the shape of a banana.

Steps to hang a hammock

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Lie in not so difficult in a hammock. However, you do have to know how to get there. Otherwise, you do not come to rest well. See instructions below.

Step 1. Take the hammock

Step 2: Grab the hammock

Stand in front of the hammock, and grab with one hand the trailing edge and with the other hand the front edge. Lift the rear edge upwards. Sit in the middle of the hammock.

Step 3: Sit down

Step 4: Lie down and find the right attitude

Pull back the hammock up and lean back. Put your feet in the hammock diagonally and find the right position.


Who never lay in a hammock, have a little patience and try the correct positioning. It’s worth: The maximum comfort takes you to the lie diagonal.

Hammock’s newbies tend to it, lie in length. This positioning is not very comfortable. This curve attitude is the fabric so tightly around the body so that you can no longer look out of the hammock and you through all the dust not see the surroundings.

The ideal position: Diagonal lying

By lying open the body fabric, so one can relax watching the sky or just keep the environment and eye.

Hammocks are experts agree: The ideal positioning in bed is diagonal. In this position does your head in one direction and your feet the other. Diagonal lying is also rocking enjoyable because it does not fluctuate from left to right but from front to back, as in a rocking chair.

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