Golf Equipment – Tips For Choosing The Right Golf Bag

For pure golfers who need a suitable bag can withstand all weather conditions and terrain. Golf Bag is designed carefully to protect and organize your clubs and your optimal equipment with placed pockets and a clever system of division. The strap system and areas padded waist provide you comfort and superior balance and distribute the weight evenly while wearing a bag. And the high technology base system make sure that it is greater stability on the most terrain, ensuring that your clubs are free and stable all times. The only thing you have to do is focusing on your swing.

best golf bags

Like golf clubs, golf bags are offered in a wide range of models. Weight, handling and storage space are the main criteria to consider. But first of all, the choice will depend on the type of golfer you are.

If you play most of your games on foot, two choices are possible. For the golfer who prefers to wear his equipment on the back, a bag equipped or not with a tripod has the advantage of being light and space saving. However, the amount of compartments is limited. Also make sure of the durability of the handles and straps.

In return, the player who does not want to bear the weight of the equipment on his back will opt for a trolley bag. Made of leather or canvas, it is more bulky and offers more storage space. It is designed to be placed on a trolley or cart. Several models are equipped with partitions to the bottom of the bag, which prevents the sticks from colliding. Some models also offer specific separations for the right iron and timber. The number of compartments is also worth considering when choosing a golf bag. Check if there is enough space to store balls, accessories, water bottle, rain clothes, keys, phone, umbrella and others.

Usually a waterproof cover is included. To choose the model that best suits your needs, do not hesitate to seek advice from specialists. There are 4 types of golf bag:

– The trolley bag

– The portable shoulder bag

– The practice portable bag (the smallest and lightest)

– The Tour Bag (the largest)

The 4 categories of bags bear their name which is to say that the portable bags are designed to be worn, even if they can be positioned on a trolley.

On the other hand the trolley bags are not at all designed to be worn.

To choose your bag, several criteria are important, besides a pleasant design:

1 – Weight and handling:

If you have back problems prefer a trolley bag. You should know that a complete set plus your accessories can add you about 10 kg of weight.

More expensive to buy the cart bag will last longer in use.

In choosing your bag take into account the size of your chest. Lighter, the portable bag will be less bulky.

2 – Accessibility of irons and accessories:

The number of pockets, their specificity (eg the presence of an isothermal bag) is an indication of the quality of the important product.

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