Golf Driver Overview

Nothing can be a ruin a golf game easier than hitting bad shots off the tee. Distance and accuracy are key to a successful drive in golf and pick the right golf driver for your golf game is important to improve both. .

The goal when buying a new golf driver is to hit longer and straighter golf shots. The driver is the largest, longest and most expensive club in a player’s bag. There are many factors to consider when buying a new golf driver. You need to consider several options when picking a golf drivers, including weight, height, size of the club head and materials. It is highly recommended that you meet with a skilled professional club fitter can fit you with the right equipment.

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  • Select the correct weight of the golf driver. Easier drivers can help increase swing speed while heavier drivers give you more control over the image. If you do not have a strong swing, go with a lighter model such asĀ Cobra Men’s Fly Z golf driver.
  • Select one of the three standard lengths driver. A traditional golf drivers measuring 43-44 inches, and most players should go to this length. Half-length clubs averaged 45-46 inches tall golf drivers and measure more than 46 inches. Further drivers can give you longer tee shots, but with less control.
  • Select one of the three sizes of club heads. Each size has the advantages and disadvantages. Standard club head for a golf driver provides a small sweet spot but more control than golf drivers with a larger club heads. An oversized driver club head comes with a larger sweet spot, but it weighs the club and provides less control. The medium-sized club head is lighter than the oversized head, but offers more of a sweet spot than the standard club.
  • Consider the material of your new golf driver. Today, golf drivers are no longer made of wood; rather they are made of titanium or stainless steel. Titan is the brightest of the two; stainless steel is less expensive.
  • Determine the shaft material you prefer. Drive shafts are constructed using one of two different materials: steel or graphite. Similar to the material used to manufacture the club head, steel shafts tend to be cheaper and heavier while the graphite shaft is easier and more expensive.
  • Complete the process by choosing how much “give” you want the golf driver to have. Generally, golf drivers have five levels of giving, or flex their shoulders. Flex levels are women and older players. In addition, men’s clubs available in regular, stiff and extra stiff versions. Simply put, the weaker your shot, the more flex you want in your new golf driver.

Tips & Warnings

New golfers or those with weak shots off the tee should choose a golf driver with the following characteristics: a traditional length of the club with a standard or medium sized titanium head and a graphite shaft with regular flex.Consider to buy a used golf driver from an online retailer such as Golfsmith .com (see Resources) if you are not sure which option best suits your game.

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