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Choosing The Comfort Shoes For Long Standing

False Shoe Should Turn The Problem

Even more difficult is long standing when the discomfort is amplified by inappropriate footwear. Women in particular often wear high-heeled shoes. As a result, the center of gravity of the body is shifted significantly forward when the body is standing. Often, especially in Pumps and High-Heels is tried to balance this weight shift by a regular pincers with the toes in the shoe.

Additional cramps and thus even more pain when standing are the result. But even flat shoes such as ballerinas, sneakers, sandals or mules reduce the problem only slightly. Many shoes have much too hard, poorly worked soles, which tend to soften the pressure pain at the heel and the bale.

Even with foot-bed footwear, a more comfortable standing is not always to be expected. Even too thin soles are very unpleasant, since even very small bumps penetrate to the feet.

Inadequate footwear, therefore, does not soften the problem of pain during prolonged standing, but rather exacerbates it.

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What Can Be Done Against Standing Problems?

At first there would be the possibility, also with standing activity for a change. As already described, this usually takes place by shifting the weight from one leg to the other. But also the displaced standing, with one foot slightly in front of the other, can provide a temporary remedy.

Even more promising are so-called standing aids, which move the main body slightly backwards and offer a subtle support and thus relaxation. Pauses at shorter intervals are also a good way to compensate for overly persistent pain in the feet, legs and back.

The most important measure, however, concerns the footwear. Wherever possible, this should be done consistently on shoes with high heel, hard or too thin soles and poorly cushioned inner soles.

A makeshift solution can also be dampening insoles, but these do not always meet with much love. A good recommendation, however, are shoes from softinos.

Softinos Shoes For Strople

The soft shoes of softinos are particularly soft and flexible, particularly in the area of ​​the mostly flat sole construction. In doing so, the soles are still thick enough to avoid the penetration of, for example, small stones. The flexible properties of the softinos soles are excellent.

This means that both the pressure during standing and the changes due to the weight shift are skill-fully intercepted.

The pressure on the bale and the heel is reduced enormously. This means that pain with long standing is not completely a thing of the past, but can be largely excluded. And in a natural way. This really is a kind of comfortable shoes for standing.

Softinos – The Comfortable Clip

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Despite their comfortable design, softinos’ comfort shoes are anything but stale. Sporty shapes, fresh details and again and again strong colors and color combinations make the best shoes for standing all day of softinos fashionable to the real eye-catcher. Continue reading →