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Best Sleep Posture During Pregnancy

How do you sleep best when you’re pregnant? Can you still sleep on your back during your pregnancy? We figured it out!

What is the best sleeping position during pregnancy? During your pregnancy, you find out that you do not work normal sleeping positions. What sleeping positions then work the best? And when you should stop sleeping on your back and abdomen? Do you need a best pregnancy pillow for better sleep? Time for more information about the best sleeping positions and which can be avoided.

Perhaps it is useful to know first why you so difficult to fall asleep. Of course, changes a lot about your body, but there are some specific symptoms that make sleep more difficult:

  • enlarged abdomen
  • backache
  • wheezy
  • insomnia
  • heartburn

Best Sleep Attitude During Pregnancy

The best sleeping position is the S.O.S., in other words sleeping on the side. Even better is to lie on your left. If you sleep on your left side than the blood and nutrients to your baby increases. Also, you prevent your liver is put under pressure by the weight of your uterus. Your legs and knees bent to keep then you, and it is best to do a pregnant pillow between two legs. Continue reading →

Everything about bike riding you need to know

Nowadays there are many types of vehicle for us to choose. You can ride a motor bike or a car, a scooter… Otherwise you can choose a bike if you would like to exercise. Everyone knows that cycling is great for your health. And if you are looking for a bike, click for more so you can find the best road bike for beginners and start your adventures right away!

Anyone has their own kinds of vehicles, from children with riding toys or mini bikes to the adult with various selections. The size and appearance depend on the age of the owner which changes every year. To decide what vehicles are suitable for each level of age, they based on these following factors such as: the vehicle’s size, the user’s realistic level, and license …

Who can ride a bike?

Everyone!who can ride a bike ?

Not like riding motorbikes or cars which need license, bike riding is for those who would love to move by their own power, from children who enjoy wheeling every place on mini riding toys, to older people who can do exercise and improve the health.

What can you gain from riding a bike?

Riding a bike is easy without any special advanced skills. You just need to learn how to get balance on the first times riding it. A bike is light, fast, cheap, friendly to the environment and simple that you can ride it to school, or to work, even to markets. Not only elevating your health, it also helps you to get in shape. Scientists have found that if you cycle every day, you can burn about 300 calories each hour. In additions, it can reduce the abilities of diseases like obesity, cancers, arthritis, and strengthen your muscles.

Bike riding improves not only your physical health but also the mental. There is a saying “Life is like riding a bike, to keep the balance you have to move forward”. Riding a bike is just like we are finding the balance of life, which brings the peace to our souls. If you are happy, you will become optimistic; you will enjoy the life, live longer and stay younger. One day, you will thank the God that you did not idle.

What should you notice to ride a bike safely?

bike safety

  • First and foremost is the balance. It depends on the size of the wheels, the bigger the wheels are, the easier for you to keep the balance. Babies might not need to know this yet because they have three-wheel-bike toy to ride J
  • Second is the wheel’s speed that has an influence on the rider.
  • Last and not least is propulsion. The bike can move because you pedal, push or control it, and that is why riding a bike is safer than any kind of motorized vehicles.

But for some reasons, it cannot avoid accidents all the time. There are still injuries caused by bike riding like broken legs, arms, bones and other body parts, even more dangerous it could harm your brain, which are from the carelessness, underestimation of the rider.

To avoid getting yourself and other people injured, you should prepare a helmet and wear it whenever you ride, keep the steady speed and watch out.

Do you know that there is also a syndrome related to the fear of crashing and falling? Many people are suffering it and they are afraid of falling while sitting on the bike’s small seat.

As I said, everyone can ride a bike.

Yes! But that bike must be suitable to each age level, especially with children. Children that are under 5 should be given tricycles or a bike with supporting wheels, which would be a good base for them when they grow up.

children ride

Bike riding has become one of the most common outdoor sports to all ages and significant. It trains you how to coordinate the brain with the body in order to ride fluently. We can’t deny that awesome felling when you ride on a bike. A bike is not only a vehicle but also a great partner that joins with you on every road and shares the great adventures.

Let me tell you about my mother who loves cycling. She wakes up at 5 a.m every morning and starts a new day with her favorite road bike. She rides about 10 km or more. She has been cycling for over 6 years. She now has a great health and mostly never gets sick like her friends who do not do exercises. But the most important thing is that she has become more optimistic and funnier than before. She tells us about her journeys, about her new cyclist friends and she spreads her cycling love to us.

What are you waiting for? Let’s get up and take a ride! And don’t forget to bring a helmet along with you.

Nick Soros has been tried many different road bikes and become an cycling enthusiast for a 10 years. He collected many top and affordable road bikes on the market that can help you choose the most suitable one. They’re basing your budget as well as your demand. So it would be useful if you check his informative advice before give your final decision. Not only for first riders, but experienced ones.